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VerX is a comprehensive solution to bringing cost-effective, high quality broadband connectivity, and the necessary tools to take advantage of the opportunities it creates, to the most remote, under-developed regions of the world.

While others race to provide internet from the sky to the under-served 3 Billion people, VerX is putting its boots on the ground to make sure that communities not only have connectivity but also the necessary tools needed to create new opportunities.  The benefits of broadband allow for business and governments to transform sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, and financial services, while empowering individuals with education and the ability to participate in global commerce.

The socio-economic impact of communication technology is clear, and the applications are many. Ensuring that even the poorest members of a society have access to broadband is a critical predictor of long-term economic growth and increased social justice in the 21st century.  VerX celebrates opportunity through connectivity, and the time to get involved is now.

“Expanding internet access has the potential to lead to fundamental advancements in the structure of economies across
the developing world.”


Today, there is a race for connecting the other 3 Billion people that live unconnected to the internet. While others attempt to bring connectivity to the under-served from the sky, we are taking a different approach.

At VerX, we believe you have to be on the ground and in the community to better understand the ways that internet connectivity can benefit its citizens.  We believe that just having access does not solve the problems of having the necessary tools to really accelerate the progress towards prosperity that we know the internet can enable.  Therefore, we are putting on our boots and hoping to march side by side with communities as they discover how internet is going to change their lives.


With profound respect for local cultures, and customs, VerX is committed to empowering individuals and groups to leverage the tools we are bringing to their communities in the ways that they see best fit.  We believe technology is a tool to bring about innovation and growth, as well as a vehicle for vital human services.  

We don’t pretend to know how these tools can be best put into practice amongst every cultural difference, geographical challenge, and level of education but we do know that with the right partners we can rapidly accelerate a path to prosperity for these communities together.  Our commitment is to seek partners with a similar goal to offers tools to let each community to create their own unique solution.


VerX is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to neighborhoods, municipalities and villages, which can’t be economically solved by current cellular-based data networks or other capital-intensive architecture. Our ability to build upon a reputed core platform with the most talented Ka/Ku satellite broadband engineers, and IP technology experts in the world, coupled with wireless/Wi-Fi engineering resources, form unique distribution networks for VerX.   Thus providing us with a strong advantage in determining optimal solutions for bundled broadband architecture.  Coupled with these engineering strengths, our team also benefits from including the most successful Public/Private Partnerships in all of Europe, allowing us to leverage the regulatory arena.



“Of the world’s 7 billion people, only 2.7 billion have access to the internet while the vast majority
of the 4.3 billion remain unconnected live in developing countries.  The unconnected are
typically the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged populations.”

- Deloitte Value of Connectivity Report



“Evidence on the link between health literacy and mortality rates suggests that access to the internet has the potential to save nearly 2.5 million lives across Africa, India, Latin America, and South and East Asia if they were to achieve the level of internet penetration seen in developed economies.”

- Deloitte Value of Connectivity Report



“Extending internet penetration, another 640 million children may be able to access the
internet providing a wealth of information available while they study.”

- Deloitte Value of Connectivity Report



“Public authorities can enhance disaster relief efforts by promoting the spread of information online and by implementing early-warning systems. The internet also enables relief efforts through crowd-sourcing: during Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, victims, witnesses and aid workers used the web to generate interactive catastrophe maps through free and downloadable software, helping disseminate
information and reduce the vulnerability of people affected by the disaster.”

- Deloitte Value of Connectivity Report



“The benefits of increased internet access is evidenced worldwide: SMEs with internet access in countries such as Vietnam, Mexico, Malaysia, Turkey, Taiwan, Hungary and Morocco
all experienced an average of an 11% productivity gain due to web technologies.”

- Deloitte Value of Connectivity Report



“Extending internet access in developing economies to the level seen in developed countries can raise living standards and incomes by up to $600 per person a year, thus lifting 160 million people out
of extreme poverty in the regions covered by this study.”

- Deloitte Value of Connectivity Report



“Extending internet access to levels seen in developed countries today means that long run productivity could be enhanced by as much as 25% in developing economies.  Deloitte estimates
the resulting economic activity could generate $2.2 trillion in additional GDP,
a 72% increase in GDP growth rate, and more than 140 million new jobs.”

- Deloitte Value of Connectivity Report
On the Ground

Meet OUR

Bringing the CLoud to the community

The VerX proposal is based on a proprietary managed network (VerX Network), where the goal is to offer a bundled solution, which anticipates the virtualization of the hardware components for any service operator located in the underserved area.  A virtualized network is not a threat to the local providers.  It allows us to partner with the service operator to potentially augment their offering through the provision of additional services to the community such as education, healthcare and entertainment.

The VerX network is articulated around 3 essential components:


The VerX HomeBase bridges the network to the external world.  It also acts as a hub to manage the VerX network, tools, and quad play service.

VErX Module

The VerX Module operates the network locally,  hosts the quad play service, and brings additional tools to the community in which it
is placed.


The auxiliary VerX Shelter container extends the network coverage and gives access to the Cloud Catcher tools to more users in the underserved area.


to0ls of THE
Verx Module


The Cloud Catcher casts out a high-speed WIFI network to enable communication, content sharing, and quick access back to content cached at the hubs data center.


The Studio Space inside the Cloud Catcher module is a place where communities will have the tools they need to better communicate their ideas, challenges, stories, and goals.

business center

Between the data center and studio is a public internet space containing four laptops and a charging station for any device and a patio to facilitate collaboration.

data center

The Data Center allows for locally storing content created in the studio combined with a “caching proxy” server allowing for both predictive and dynamic caching based off previous requests. 

in the community


VerX is in the communities that we serve.  We do not pretend to know the needs of connectivity in each community.  We provide the tools but each community is different and what they will build, grow, and change is a result of their culture, location, needs, and desires.  Our goal is to connect leaders in all the fields below so that when we enter a community that we have had a conversation that will help to inform us what leaders, partners, and process we need to implement to be successful in serving the people.
policy planning
Construction planning
Documenting the tools


We are in search of great partners.
Below are just a few that have joined our mission.

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